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NBA rolls out 1st Annual Social Media Awards

The NBA is so far ahead of other sports leagues when it comes to leading the charge with social media.

Social Chadder

Now more than ever, Sports and Social Media seem to go hand in hand. Teams, players, and leagues are all using Social Media to communicate, engage, respond, and market to their fans and followers. From live score updates via Twitter, posting game photos via Facebook, or highlights via video on YouTube, Social Media has become the perfect platform for Sports.

Of all of the Sports leagues out there, the @NBA has done wonderful things with Social Media in order to keep their fans interested, involved, and excited. With over 5,298,446 followers on Twitter, 13,481,641 Likes on Facebook, and over 845,642,753 views on YouTube, the NBA is far and above other sports leagues when it comes to leading the charge with Social Media. In continuation with their social strategy, the NBA announced the 1st Annual Social Media Awards to take place on June 20th at 9:00 ET on NBA TV

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