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The Email Marketing Faceoff: Obama vs. Romney

According to StrongMail, the email marketing campaigns of President Obama and Mitt Romney are weak.  When it comes to implementing a good quality email marketing strategy, none of these two parties came out with the upper hand.

StrongMail is an email marketing provider for big name companies like MasterCard, Sony, and AT&T.  The marketing experts at StrongMail analyzed emails by both parties from August 11 to September 10, using the same analyzing system they do for their clients. The two campaigns were praised for their specific viewpoints, but Obama’s campaign contained more professionalism. In an overall email marketing analysis, they were found to lack in many important areas of email marketing.

StrongMail discovered that the content of both emails appealed to their respective markets, often times advertising their need for donations or volunteer efforts. It was found that Obama’s emails were more targeted towards avid digital technology users, which are mostly people who are under the age of 40. Even though Obama did win the professionalism battle, they went through a slight discourse when one of his subject lines was “I’ll Be Damned,” after his party celebrated out-raising the Romney campaign in August. The content of Romney’s emails was something that was seen in the ancient email marketing days. It was text-heavy. After Obama gave a speech in September, his party sent out emails with less than 50 words asking for donations. Romney responded with a 275-word critique of Obama’s speech. Good email marketing is not word heavy and it should get straight to the point with consumer benefits or offers. For example, Obama offered Obama items with free shipping in return for donations. Incentives are always good!

Neither one of the campaigns put data to good use. Both campaigns had a high immediate delete rate. For anyone who opened an email from either candidate, 1.5 immediately hit delete for an Obama email and 1.3 for Romney’s. In Romney’s situation, this was due to the fact that they didn’t have a target audience, nor emailed at the right time. As far as Obama goes, his party was emailing donation requests to people who already donated. There was no personalization on either side.

When it came to actually pumping out emails, for every email Romney sent, Obama sent 20. According to StrongMail, there was just a larger list of democratic voters. In this situation bigger was not better because Obama received an extremely high spam rate. About 93% of Romney’s emails made it to inboxes compared to Obama’s 85%. However, Obama’s average open rate was 10.7% compared to the 6.4% of Romney’s.

When it is all said and done, what really matters most is whose name is put on voter ballots, but could email marketing play a big part in determining who is more fit for presidency in the next four years? Being technologically savvy and keeping up with digital trends is important, after all.  It shows intelligence and both parties had their flaws.

Only five more days until Election Day!  Who do you think will win?

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Infographic: How Obama, Romney (and Friends) Are Using Social Media

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