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The Newest iPod Nano is Sweet!

My mother is pretty much the last person at the gym, aside from a few 80 year olds who go there to use the pool, who doesn’t listen to music while she works out. My brothers and I decided to buy her her first iPod (ever) for Christmas this year.  I went to the Apple store and bought her a Nano in her favorite color, purple, and then realized that my mom will have no clue how to set it up herself.

So I took it out of its package and hooked it up to my iTunes so that I can load it up with music, playlists and photos.  I haven’t felt the need to have an iPod Nano since the iPhone came out, so it’s been a few years since I’ve held one.  As I played with it, I couldn’t get over how different and cool the new ones are.

This seventh-generation Nano is the thinnest ever and roughly the size of a credit card, but its display screen is almost twice the size of the previous model.  Even though the screen is small, the photos that I loaded on it still look good. And, thanks to the accelerometer, photos auto-rotate as you go from portrait to landscape, which was nice.

The new Nano has a touch screen and is the first model to have a tiny home button, just like some of its bigger siblings. It has five buttons in all- a slender power button on the top and a three-way volume rocker that allows you to adjust the volume and, by pressing it in the middle, play/pause music or skip tracks.

Because my mom will be using the device while working out quite often, I will advise her to use the Nike+ function, which has been made better by having everything built-in.  Her Nano can track her walks and runs, and she can even connect a Bluetooth heart monitor wirelessly.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the new design of the Nano.  I think it’s the best yet, bringing lots of functionality in a tiny package.  I look at it as $149 well spent, and I’m excited to give it to my mom and watch her fall in love with her first Apple product.

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LeBron and Nike Score Big Last Night With ‘Ring Maker’ Commercial

Last night was not only a big victory for Lebron James and the Miami Heat, but for Nike as well.  The company already had a commercial put together and ready to go.  All they were waiting for was the moment when James finally won his first championship.  The swoosh released the commercial last night after the Heat beat the Thunder in Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

The commercial is titled “The Ring Maker,” and it portrays a jeweler slowly crafting a championship ring for James.  The crafting begins when the jeweler sees LeBron playing as a high schooler, and it follows him throughout the major accomplishments of his career thus far.  The ring is finally completed on the night that James wins the title that he has waited so long for.  The commercial emphasizes the path that James has taken to becoming a champion, and that Nike was there with him along the way.

LeBron James is one of Nike’s most popular athletes in the world.  He already has his own shoe line and clothing line through them, two Olympic medals and multiple other awards and honors.  All he needed was a championship.  Now that he’s finally won his ring, his marketing appeal will most likely skyrocket.  It is safe to say that he and Nike are both absolutely ecstatic about this victory.

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